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Sue J. Daniels

Sue J. Daniels

Sue J. Daniels was born in North West London in 1964, into a strong mix of East End and Staffordshire heritage. For twenty-five years she has worked as a post-trauma specialist and has authored numerous books on the subject.

Since the age of six, Sue has harboured a deep love of writing fiction, the first book in her Trilogy of Novellas “The Salvaging of Sonny Chapman” won finalist status in both the Best Book Awards 2019 and the International Book Awards 2019. Both “The Restoration of Sonny Chapman” and “The Journals of Sonny Chapman” also won Finalist status in The Best Book Awards 2020. She writes bravely and with honesty in her heart.

Writing in both fiction and non-fiction genre, Sue has quietly created an array of beautifully illustrated self-help pocket/bag size books for those affected by many of life’s difficulties. She has also written essential guidebooks for practitioners. All of which are available from Amazon, Stoneface website and all major high street bookshops.

Her trio of Therapy Workbooks has proved to be extremely successful and sell to individuals and organisations in the statutory, voluntary and corporate sectors on a regular basis.

Sue lives near to the coast in Lincolnshire and enjoys the peace and calm that it offers.

Latest Books Available on Amazon

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The Cubby Hole by Sue J Daniels
Glynis by Sue J. Daniels
Sonny Chapman Trilogy by Sue J. Daniels
The Salvaging of Sonny Chapman by Sue J. Daniels
The Restoration of Sonny Chapman by Sue J. Daniels
The Journals of Sonny Chapman by Sue J. Daniels

Absolutely loved these books!

L. Leonard

Finally got round to reading the last of this trilogy. Just brilliant in rounding the full story up to a beautifully soulful and heartfelt ending, loved it!

A Great Read


The author very quickly has you absorbed into Sonnys’ intriguingly split worlds. With access to psychic information that everyone wants to get their hands on……criminals are out to get her and an evil, narcissistic family member who seems to be prepared to stop at nothing in order to take Sonnys’ most precious things from her. With the SAS involved it makes for a read you will not want to put down……I’m looking forward to the next book!!



This book was recommended by a friend, and was as far removed from my normal reads as could possibly be. The storyline was intriguing however, and although it took me a while to get into the story, after a few chapters I was unable to put it down. I loved the concept of being able to communicate with the dead, in this case through painting, and ‘felt’ for Sony through each twist and turn of her story. For me, the storyline seemed quite busy at times which I found a little distracting but I was unable to put it down and at the end could not wait to buy the next one…..

Margaret Johnson

So loved the fact that this isn’t your average crime procedural book. I couldn’t put this down. Looking forward to more from this author.

Jonathan Millsom

The Cubby Hole isn’t a book I would normally read. It is fast paced and what a twist. Wasn’t expecting that at all.