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Philip Jones

philip jones

Philip Jones (Phil) From total disinterest in his future as a schoolboy in the 1970s to an intense 22-year military career followed by a 15-year stint as a consultant for safety and security in hostile locations, Phil Jones tells of his experience working for some of the largest humanitarian organisations in the world, becoming the first full time Global Safety and Security Adviser for Save the Children UK, then as a self-employed consultant working in some of the most hostile locations on the planet.

Phil grew up on the district border of West Derby and Norris Green. The son of two factory working parents, he had two older sisters and one younger brother.

Phil attended primary school at Broad Square County Primary School and progressed on to West Derby Comprehensive school for Boys.

Phil disliked school and had a slight learning disability concerning anything numeric, he had trouble identifying number sequences if longer than three digits and failed to grasp the basics of mathematical problems, (Dyscalculia or Number Dyslexia), much to the annoyance of one math teacher who would make him stand on his chair in every lesson while he threw mathematical questions at him which of course he could not answer. This, much to the amusement of the teacher and the rest of the class, made Phil a laughing stock, the later consequences being that Phil started to skip maths class altogether.

While doing okay in other lessons (English, the sciences and art) Phil became a rebel and started missing whole days from school, not just the odd maths lesson. Phil left school not knowing or caring about his final exam results. After a brief dalliance with the world of apprentice joinery, he joined the British Army, (His father said he wouldn’t last six weeks… 22 years later he left!)

After leaving the military, Phil moved to Lincolnshire and dabbled in a few projects while looking for his first civilian job, he eventually fell into humanitarian work, delivering International Aid and becoming Save the Children UK’s first Global Safety & Security Adviser before moving on to become an independent consultant adviser. That’s where the book begins!

The Humanitarian Journeyman is available now on Amazon, Waterstones and VJP Solutions Ltd

The Ethiopian Contract is coming soon in 2022

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the humanitarian journeyman by philip jones
the humanitarian journeyman - the ethiopian contract by philip jones

An eye opener into the work of unsung heroes

(The Humanitarian Journeyman)

Mrs L Holland

Not usually into autobiographies but this book was recommended to me. The book certainly kept me enthralled throughout and opened my eyes to the dangers faced by these unsung heroes. I found the author’s depiction of events to be very honest, humble and humourous at times. The internal politics together with personal emotions all come into play, making the reader realise the complexity and responsibility of what the author faced, in the positions that he held. His very detailed account of events and observations made me feel that I was on the journey with him. I found myself smiling when the bakery was up and running, anger and frustration with some of the people be was dealing with, and happiness/sadness at the human relationships he formed. I am pleased that I read this book and thank the author for sharing the reality of humanitarian work. A well written book that in my opinion could transpose well into a film.

A gripping frontline journey told from the heart

(The Humanitarian Journeyman)

linda CRUSE

There are few books that share what its really like to be a humanitarian on the frontline. The dangers, the emotions, the unexpected. Thank you for taking us into your world Phil and allowing us to journey with you. A powerful and insightful read. Highly recommended.

Compelling account of the sharp end of humanitarian work

(The Humanitarian Journeyman)

Andrew Homden

This is a cracking read from Phil Jones. In a former life Phil was security lead for a variety of NGOs, working in the field in Iraq, Darfur, Aceh and Sierra Leone and other places. His compelling narrative paints a convincing picture – this was what it was really like. Huge insights into leadership, careful planning and training all conducted under the most intense pressure, You had to know what you were doing to keep people safe and to get out alive. Phil clearly knew what he was doing.
Highly recommended.

A must read book

(The Humanitarian Journeyman)

Vikki Coupland

If there’s one book that you read this year, make it this one. It provides a true insight into the humanitarian world that I certainly knew very little about, but now I am so interested in. The Authour has written the book in such a way that you feel as if you are on his journey with him. I could feel all of his emotions at every part in the book as well as visualise the (sometimes difficult) scenes he was seeing too.

This is an exciting, dangerous, emotional yet full of humour story and I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it.

I wonder if there will be a second book…?

Just finished your book

(The Humanitarian Journeyman)

via email

The best thing I can say, is that after a very bad experience with chemo nearly 10 years ago my concentration levels and attention span are poor to say the least and for me to read a book front to back is a rarity

I really enjoyed it, a real insight into a world we only see snippets of on the news very informative, heart breaking (Rasha, among others) and I can see you pretending to be Duncan Mackenzie playing keepy ups to impress the local kids

Should be really proud of yourself, well done.