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On the Radio Box

Feb 25, 2021 | Events

on the radio box

So, for those who have been following our events for World Book Day, you will know that we were invited to join Sue Taylor on the Afternoon Show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. The interview was aired at 15:40 hrs, you can find it in the above link.

Truth be told, I pretended to myself that I wasn’t nervous at all and didn’t tell a soul until it was over. Apart from a few stutters at the beginning, I hope I did us proud in that stalls are selling well and all events will be filled in no time. So, if you are thinking of having a stall, get in now before they are gone as spaces will be limited!

What a great opportunity it has been for all of us. As well as discussing the Facebook page and website, BBC Radio Lincolnshire are putting on an Author a Day next week, covering World Book Day. We have been lucky enough to put five of our authors forward for this, who will introduce themselves and read or have read, an excerpt from their latest book. These readings will be aired at 16:10 hrs each day from Monday through to Friday.

We will be doing lots more of these kinds of events up and down the county in addition to our book fairs and festivals.

Booking Vendor Stalls

If you are booking a stall at any of the Lincolnshire Authors events, please, please don’t forget that Public Liability Insurance is a legal requirement for each event that you choose to attend. You have the choice of purchasing your own public liability insurance or paying a minimal fee of £5.00 per event at the checkout, when paying for a stall. (This will go directly to the insurance company). 

This means that we will be able to add you to the Lincolnshire Authors overall cover for each event. If you choose not to purchase this minimal fee cover, we will need to see your insurance certification before each event, to ensure that you are fully covered in any eventuality. If it’s any consolation, I have to pay this too and I am the organiser!

world book day 2021

And don’t forget our last news feature: We as Lincolnshire Authors have been invited by the Skegness Embassy Theatre, to read, record and/or produce an excerpt from our latest book for World Book Day on Thursday March 4th 2021.

One Author will be featured on the hour every hour from 09:00. We have already received several excerpts. The production team at the Skegness Embassy Theatre have now finalised the Author Showcases. A huge thank you to all who are taking part.

So, let’s crack on……