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Malcolm Buckley

Malcolm Buckley
Malcolm Buckley is married, and lives in the UK on the East Coast of Lincolnshire with his wife Glenda.

Their three sons have gifted them five beautiful grand-children.

The Viking Way ‘A Walk for Denver’ is Malcolm’s first book, inspired by the devastating loss of his Chocolate Labrador ‘Denver’ in June 2018

This book is a tribute to the unconditional love that bound Malcolm to Denver, it’s a record of the physical challenges Malcolm endured on the trail over 12 days across 165 miles, and of the deeper inner journey facing the complicated and unresolved grief that became life threatening. ALL proceeds are donated to The Labrador Lifeline Trust in Denver’s memory.

A part of The Viking Way that runs across a field in Long Bennington is now named ‘Denver’s Field’ and is included in the official Viking Way guide book.

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The Viking Way by Malcolm Buckley

A must for every one who has loved a dog

an amazon customer

The story of a man who loved his dog, a chocolate Labrador called Denver, who was also his great friend and companion. When Denver died, his owner was overwhelmed with grief, and the feelings of despair and emptiness until he focused on the idea of a long distance walk in memory of his dear dog. The story charts the preparations for the walk and the walk itself and the physical and mental challenges along the way. The journey brings about a sort of spiritual reconciliation. A very sensitive book.

A Wonderful Read!

Amazon Customer

Thrilled to finally read Malcolm’s very personal and beautiful account of his epic journey, in honour of his cherished chocolate Labrador, Denver.
Malcolm’s tribute to his much missed and incredibly loved friend and soul mate, is both moving and profound. This is a deeply personal and spiritual pilgrimage, which sees Malcolm triumph through his immense physical and emotional pain. A wonderfully written human story. A true testament to the unbreakable bond between a man and his dog. Wonderful..

For Denver

Maggie G M

A heartwarming little book in memory of Malcolm’s beloved chocolate Labrador, Denver. Malcolm donates all proceeds to Labrador Lifeline Trust so well worth purchasing. RIP sweet boy ❣🌈

Highly recommended


Brilliant read. Could not put the book down. Felt that I was on the journey with Malcolm. Tears of sadness & joy. The sheer determination of completing the journey is a testament to the special relationship shared between him & Denver. Highly recommended.

A fabulous read


What a fabulous read, one mans sheer love and determination to walk the Viking Way in memory of his beloved dog. I laughed and cried and couldn’t put it down. If you own a dog you will totally ‘get it’ . Awaiting the next book !!

Out of grief comes inspiration

Sarah Newbury

Beautifully written journal & memorial to authors faithful Labrador. You feel as if you are walking the Viking Way with him.

A thought provoking read

Amazon Customer

This was a very emotional but heart warming read. Such a struggle for the writer both physically and emotionally

Wonderfully written


Such a magnificent book, I just couldnt put it down while I was sitting outside in sunny California reading this lovely and heartwarming story where I felt I was actually walking along these beautiful trails. Thinking of my beautiful dog Emma. The emotions in this book were so strong that it brought tears to my eyes at times. I havent read a book this well written in many years and I hope every person has a chance to read such a wonderful book. Thank you Mr Buckley for writing such a great book and the love you had for Denver. Thank you