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Lucy Swan

Lucy Swan

Lucy Swan author of Shallow Lives debut book.

It took her a long time to get here…

Would be the main response, of my exasperated family and friends, about the birth of my debut novel. Not because I’ve talked about it for so long, (well I have but anyway…) but because I’ve been right around the houses and lived many different lives to get here: a published author.

And whilst I may be older than I hoped, I have only recently had the confidence and tenacity to actually complete one of my many musings.

Shallow Lives, is a book about people. About life. About our best bits and our worst. Taken from one of my many rambling notebooks, I felt it was the time for my three characters’ voices to be heard.

At just a nudge over forty, my greatest work to date has been my beautiful family. As well as writing, I am a teacher, wife, mother and (baby faced) grandmother. Living on the Lincolnshire east coast, my favourite thing ever is walking my beloved best friend and GSP: RosieDog, on the beach.

However, just like with my characters, this is only one side of my story. To find out more, feel free to follow me on Instagram: @swannie_ramblings and read my blog:

Both of each will keep you up to date with my next project.

I am currently writing my second novel ‘The Golden Figure’, which will be out sometime this winter.

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Shallow Lives by Lucy Swan

An Amazing Debut Novel

(Shallow Lives)

julie limb

This is the story of Jessica and Aimee and the men that cross both their paths, from their wild teens through to their forties. I was hooked two chapters in and I had an “whoa” moment when I realised just how much fate had shaped their lives from a very early age. What you see is not what get with these two characters, characters that are so well written about you can see picture them in your head. Throughout the whole book, the screenplay was running through my head at the same time. The story is fast paced and unputdownable, a fantastic first novel from Lucy Swan. I look forward to her next.

An excellent debut novel

(Shallow Lives)


This is a debut novel to be proud of. I really enjoyed reading of the exploits, successes and failures of the three individuals and how their lives were so inter connected. There were twists and turns along the way to keep you interested. Well done Lucy.


(Shallow Lives)

E McDonald

Just finished…….and WOW it was amazing, struggled to put it down as got completely engrossed with the characters, the story and what would happen next. Loved the ending as it brought goosebumps which is how a book should make you feel. Thank you Lucy, you are a truly talented lady and can’t wait to read your next book….although going to be sharing this with all my friends as know they will love it too!

A great read! Highly recommend!

(Shallow Lives)


Jessica is running away from her past, but will her past always stay hidden? Is Patrick a bad person? Who is that handsome bloke? A debut novel to read slowly and savour. Immerse yourself into the scenery of the sea and the characters. A great read! Highly recommend!

A gripping read!

(Shallow Lives)

L. Dawson

A must read debut novel!
Full of description of beautiful places, ‘Shallow Lives’ is a wonderful novel of escapism with a great plot, intriguing characters and plenty of twists. You can just imagine it as a TV drama too! If you are a fan of the TV series ‘Big Little Lies’ or other novels by Liane Moriarty and Marian Keyes, you’ll enjoy this gripping novel.
Looking forward to the next one!