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Kenn Gordon

Kenn Gordon

Kenn Gordon grew up in the Highland of Scotland as one of 9 children. He became professional musician while still at School. He played his first paid gig in 1968. Kenn made his first musical instrument at the age of just 13 years, an Appalachian Dulcimer. At the age of 18 he joined the Royal Air Force and served for 9 years. During this time, he worked at several of the UK’s secret establishments. During his military career, he continued to play in bands, as well as to write music.

When time would allow, Kenn made guitars for himself, although most of these ended up in the hands of his friends, rather than his own. He has been fortunate enough to have recorded over 40 albums. Most of these albums were with either the Irish Rebel Band, aptly named ‘1916’, or with his Country band Raven.

After leaving the military later he formed his own company making bespoke high-end guitars (Gordon Guitars UK) whilst still playing in bands and recording, Between 2005 and 2008 ken completed a degree in Musical Instrument Theory and Constructions earning his ‘Bmus’ however the pressure of running so many ventures simultaneously eventually took its toll and a series of heart attacks followed.

So Kenn looked for a new and more sedate way to direct his creative juices and writing thrillers fitted that bill perfectly. Since he started to write books, Kenn has found it difficult to stop. It all started with what was going to be a single thriller. “Altered Perceptions” featuring ‘Andy McPhee’ and Team Seven of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service ‘SIS’ some 500 pages later That thriller was completed but it was to lead to more books with SIS Team Seven. Book two in this series “The Return Of Seven” followed and close on its heels came “Dead End” At the start of the Covid outbreak, Kenn had already written a fourth novel in the ‘Andy McPhee’ series “Covid 19 The Alternate Ending”

Then came the ‘Detective Jack Hamilton’ series of thrillers. “Yellow Jacket” was followed with “Musical Consequences” and then “Cats & Dogs” Between these thrillers Kenn was to write two books on “Charlie Chaplin”, “Chaplin & His Supporting Artists” and “The Original Poster Boy”.

Kenn was also asked to write a reference book on the Clan and house of Gordon. another 500 pages later that was completed. Followed up with a self defecating autobiography of his life so far “So You Want To Be A Professional Musician”

He is currently writing a series of children’s books based around a character called ZED (Zack the Earth Defender) concentrating on the animals that are in danger of extinction and the health of the planet.

Kenn says he has no plans to slow down or stop, he still writes and records music in a professional capacity although this is more for fun than as a way to top up his income. So now in his 68th year his plans are to keep going until he can no longer produce either the written word or the sound of music.

Quoting his father who worked until the age of 78 and still worked in the community until the age of 89. “Retirement is for people who have lost all their ambitions in life and who simply want to vegetate whilst they await the moment of their demise, whilst watching repeat after repeat on daytime TV. When we cease to create then our braincells become die”

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