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Katie Hopper

Katie Hopper
Katie Hopper lives near the Lincolnshire seaside with her husband and 2 young children.

After studying English Language and Literature at university, she was lucky enough to live and work abroad for a number of years; studying, nannying, teaching, bar-tending and backpacking in all corners of the globe – meeting many inspirational characters along the way!

Despite having had a life-long desire to write a book, it wasn’t until experiencing the heartbreak of losing her wonderful mother-in-law in 2020, that a story in her honour exploded from her heart and onto paper, with her then 5 year-old daughter by her side as the book’s illustrator.

This little journey of art therapy resulted in ‘The Lady Who Came From The Sun’ and the mother and daughter duo embarked on a donation project during the pandemic. 200 copies of the children’s grief book have since been donated to schools, hospices, libraries and individuals across the UK (and some further afield!)’

It is hoped that the book will continue to serve as a comfort in times of sadness.

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The Lady Who Came From The Sun by Katie Hooper

Much more than a story book.

Amazon Customer

This is a short story of love and loss. The illustrations by a young child are beautiful and this made me take a closer look. This wonderful story is also a valuable starting point for talk about bereavement.

It is dedicated to an inspirational Nanny and tells of her caring and kindness to her children, grandchildren and friends. Simple every day gestures – a chat, some friendly advice or a cuddle – brighten the day so there is a huge sense of loss when she is no longer there. But memories do not fade, her warmth stays with everyone who knew her.

Having just become a grandma for the first time I hope that I can be as inspirational to my granddaughter and her Daddy and Mummy as this lady was to everyone.

A little treasure of a book

Mrs F Tarrant

A beautiful little tale of life with someone special and life after they’ve gone. It offers a positive view on grief and the lasting impact people can have on our lives.
An uplifting story with delightfully innocent drawings which add to its charm.

Forever grateful


We are all faced with the loss of a loved one at some point and the grief is unmeasurable. For those among us with learning difficulties and Autism it’s amplified and difficult to process. This book is like healing balm. It brings comfort. It’s the softest of blankets. I fully recommend it. Forever grateful.