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Joy Pitt

Author Joy Pitt

Joy Pitt AuthorJoy Pitt Established as a professional Storyteller for thirty years, Joy founded Tales From The Heartwood with her husband David Judd in 2004. They deliver performance Storytelling in the oral tradition with Joy’s handmade puppets, to schools, festivals including Glastonbury, libraries, prisons, hospices, theatres, in forests, caves, fields and on the seashore. In 2017 they performed for high school students in Japan, and have toured Norway twice.

The Company of the Silver Hare by Joy PittIn 2017 they performed “The Story of The Five Travellers” at the Broadbent Theatre in Wickenby, written and arranged by Joy, followed in 2019 by “Rapunzel and the Bad Hair Day”.They are also Community Artists and deliver a variety of art and craft workshops and projects in a range of community settings.

Joy trained at Portsmouth College of Art and is also a painter and illustrator. She went on to qualify as a nurse, healer and Reiki Practitioner, and is also a play worker and tutor of further education. Writing for children feels a natural extension to oral Storytelling, and Joy’s first book, “The Company of The Silver Hare” was published in 2019, the first of a trilogy for older children and young adults, a fairytale based on the Pendle Witch trials of 1612. The second in the trilogy is Hare Under Moon Hill due to be published in May 2021, both by Hawkwood Books.

Hare Under Moon Hill by Joy PittJoy and David live in a small, rather dusty, but interesting and magical cottage on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds with a large garden where they grow their own vegetables, and in happier times are renowned for parties and storytelling around a campfire under the stars, and are hosts to Woofers, ( Willing workers on organic farms) welcoming young travellers from all over the world, who enjoy the stories and the home grown food.


The Pendle WitchesFacebook- Tales From The Heartwood.We have all heard of The Pendle Witches, and some of us have been to Pendle Hill, so we know the magic of the place, but what if there was more to their story? Joy Pitt has written a story, that is full of Magic, Myth and Faerie, yes it’s aimed at children, but who the hell cares, if a book grabs your eye, no matter your age read it.. The Company of The Silver Hare, tells of a unlikely friendship between a witch child and a young lad, a friendship that will open doors to Magic and the Faerie Realm, set at the time of The Pendle Witch Trials, it is a book for young and old, a book that made me yearn for the days of Jackanory, when you could be whisked away to by the storytellers voice, and the magic of the book.. For a first book, Joy Pitt has managed to grab her readers attention and want more..

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The Company of the Silver Hare by Joy Pitt
Hare Under Moon Hill by Joy Pitt

Captivating and Magical Story Telling


Captivating from the first page, I struggled to put it down. A tale woven so vividly you could really imagine yourself there with the faeries, elves, and the silver hare for company.

A magical tale for young and old inspired by the Pendleton Witch Trials.

Kindle Customer

Fantasy novel inspired by the Pendleton Witch Trials. Would be suitable for older children, teenagers and adults. The author weaves a beautiful tale and brings both characters and setting vividly to life. I look forward to reading more from this author.

An excellent read!


An excellent read for the older child and for very old children, I’m in my 50’s but in denial. Buy this, you wont regret it!