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Jenny Oyston

Jenny Oyston

Jenny OystonJenny Oyston. Worked as a counsellor for nearly 20 years, both in the NHS and private practice. As well as working with clients, she supervised other counsellors and delivered training. One of her favourite activities was running courses on counselling topics such as confidence-building, coping with stress and anxiety and managing anger. She believes strongly that many emotional and mental health difficulties can be alleviated once people know and understand themselves better. This empowers them to make healthy choices and become more self-reliant.

Once retired, Jenny was keen to share her knowledge and experience. She loves writing, and it was clear that writing her book would be the next step.

‘Who Am I’ is released in May 2023. Jenny describes it as a guide to self-discovery, in which readers are invited to explore and reflect on different aspects of themselves, including thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Through the insights gained during this process, people may then consider how they can build a better future for themselves by making changes to the way they lead their lives. The book is jargon-free and contains many ideas and exercises to stimulate this exciting journey.

Jenny now delivers a wide range of courses and presentations and is happy to talk to groups on mental health topics. She is a lively, confident speaker and will tailor topics to suit the needs of the audience.

Jenny OystonIn 2020, Jenny won the Sandy Murray Memorial Prize for her essay entitled ‘Key Strategies to avoid burnout’ and donated the prize to her favourite charity, Emerge Hub in Grimsby.

Jenny lives in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds with her husband and her cat. Her favourite hobbies are gardening and painting, and she belongs to a wine-tasting group and a book club. She loves to go on holiday to Greece and Italy and always tries, with mixed success, to learn some words and phrases in the appropriate language!

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