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Jayne Norman

Jayne Norman Author

Jayne Norman is a fiction author based in Lincolnshire in the UK. Her day job was a teacher/trainer of IT & Computing up until March 2020. She is now a part-time NHS Administrator. Jayne decided to leave teaching to free up time to focus on my writing.

In 2013, a cheeky Jack Russell Terrier puppy, called Eddie, chose Jayne as his forever parent. He has been her constant companion ever since. They provide each other with unconditional love and Eddie has been by Jayne’s side through all her ups and downs.

Five years ago, Jayne decided to write a daily blog about Eddie’s Adventures. This blog was a great success, gaining almost 6,000 followers, across Facebook and Instagram, at the time of writing this. A few fans suggested Jayne turn the blog into a book. At first, she thought they were just being very kind. Then, a few more followers and family members suggested the same thing.

Jayne published her first book, The Adventures of Eddie Lightning – Six Sides to Eddie Lightning and Seven Days in the Life of a Superhero on 3rd March 2020, in time for World Book Day. Her books are written from Eddie’s perspective and in ‘dog speak’, to make it fun, humerous and light-hearted. It is aimed at dog lovers of all ages from around 8 years old upwards. The book is also suitable for adults to read to younger children.

Jayne completed and published her second book in the series, called ‘Shenanigans in the Snow’. This was released on 15th February 2021, again in time for World Book Day. This book is aimed at dog lovers and children 2-5 years of age.

Jayne’s third book ‘Antics at Agility’ was published in April 2021. This book is aimed at dog lovers and children 2-5 years of age.

Jayne is currently working on her fourth and fifth books ‘Laughter in the Lake’ and ‘Bath Time Bonanza’ which she hopes to complete in time for World Book Day 2022.

Latest Books Available on Amazon

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The Adventures of Eddie Lightning - Shenanigans in The Snow
The Adventures of Eddie Lightning by Jayne Norman
The Adventures of Eddie Lightning - Antics At Agility

Sweet Story

(The Adventures of Eddie Lightning)


This is a lovely story for children as well as adults. It has important messages included and the tale of Eddie Lightning is told by Eddie himself in a delightful way. I love Jack Russells and Eddie doesn’t disappoint with his wisdom , loving personality, and comic appeal.

Charming book

(The Adventures of Eddie Lightning: Shenanigans in the Snow)

joyce johnson

A lovely book for children to read for themselves or for a story reading together my great grandchildren and myself giggled our way through the whole book

Fantastic children’s book

(The Adventures of Eddie Lightning: Antics at Agility)

Kimberly Deruelle

This is a fantastic children’s book that they will love! Eddie Lightning will keep their attention to the end of the book. The illustrations are great. I would recommend this great book.