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Jacques Von Kat

Jacques Von Kat

Jacques Von Kat is the pen name of husband-and-wife writers Jack and Kat.

They have been writing together for four years and On the Other Side of Alive is their debut novel, which came out in 2020. They are fascinated by the spiritual world, and it was at a spiritual reading where the duo first met.

When the couple started dating, they discovered they both had a passion for writing, but in different genres. Jack asked Kat if she would assist him with his historical fiction novel, having learnt she graduated from the University of Lincoln with a degree in English Literature & History. Whereas Jack was the opposite, he abandoned his studies, preferring to go on adventures with his friends. He always felt different to the rest of his family, who all excelled at school. Jack ended up in a career in engineering and welding, where he finds his knack for problem-solving comes in handy.

The duo decided to abandon this initial story in favour of an idea they could both work on together, and the concept for On the Other Side of Alive was created. Their second novel, Mirror Man, was released in May 2021. It is a standalone novel, but all their books and characters are set in the same universe, whether with a crossover of characters or an item. The sequel to their first novel Lost & Lonely is due for release in October 2021, with a further novel due in time for Christmas.

Jack likes to restore scooters in his spare time. Three of his custom scooters have graced the front covers of the best Scooter magazines in the UK. One was even used in the film: Faith filmed in 2005, where Jack was also an extra.

They live in Northern Lincolnshire with their two Bernese Mountain Dogs and enjoying travelling the world.

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Jack and Kat have recently had their poem; Mother Earth featured as part of the Of Earth and Sky large-scale poetry installation in Scunthorpe by Artist Luke Jerram.

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Mirror Man by Jacques Von Kat
On The Other Side of Alive by Jacques Von Kat

Loved this book!

(Mirror Man)


I loved every bit of this book and found it hard to put down. My favourite part is that it’s set in the 80’s and all of the details around that are fantastic. The intrigue and twists and turns make an this amazing read. Such lovable characters too and so well written. It’s a must read in my opinion.

Refreshingly different

(Mirror Man)

sue ward

John-Michael immediately struck me as someone with high functioning autism with his ocd traits and literal interpretation of certain phrases, it was nice to read/listen to a story told from that perspective. John-Michael’s observant behaviour that others consider odd or quirky could be instrumental in finding a killer but will anyone believe him? An enjoyable story that’ll make you second guess yourself, is the man in the suit real or is he a figment of an over active imagination? The narrator does a great job of telling the story.

Brilliant 80s vibe and great story

(Mirror Man)

Michelle Carter

Loved this book. John-Michael was such a well developed and sympathetic character. He was handled with such care by the authors. I loved his journey. Will appeal to all the 80s kids out there and everyone else! Great story.

Another great read

(Mirror Man)


Great easy read. Finished in one sitting. John-Michael is a well developed character and you can’t help but feel for him and the situation he finds himself in. Highly recommend to all readers especially those who grow up in the 80s

Couldn't put it down!

(On The Other Side of Alive)

Amazon Customer

Fantastic book. Could not put it down. Was not what I expected at all. The journey of Caroline into the spirit world takes you on a journey of all emotions including humour, sadness and heart warming love. Can’t recommend this book enough. Looking forward to reading the sequel when it is released.

Brilliant story

(On The Other Side of Alive)

lucy wilson

I began this book and once started I continued to read it all in one go. The story follows on well and each chapter keeps you excited and wanting to read the next and so on to find out what happens. I throughly enjoyed the book and would recommend it as a good read. I like how it allows imagination to the other side and a comfort to people that have lost loved ones and who knows this could be what is there once people pass over.

Thoroughly captivating read

(On The Other Side of Alive)

Amanda H.

Thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming novel, made me laugh and was very touching at moments too. Subject-matter doesn’t matter wether or not you believe in life after death, its a really captivating read, 10 out of 10


(On The Other Side of Alive)


I have not read a book this enthralling is quite sometime. This is lighthearted paranormal with a little romance and a little thought provoking. Many of those light paranormal incidences strike home for many of us. This is a story of Caroline and her journey on a different plane. Her life was cut short by decit. Her desire for a little revenge. Learning a lot what she can and should not due. In her journeys she finds some other nice and not do nice spirits. I was so sad when Daniel, her love from the other side, had to leave. The other world has plans for her. Looking forward to the next adventure. Loved it. I could not put it down. Thought provoking.