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Howard Marshall

H.O.Ward Image
Howard Marshall, Pseudonym H.O.Ward originated from Grimsby, now located in North East Lincolnshire, and began working life managing his engineering business, before retiring, and sailing round the Mediterranean Sea. It was while sailing that he began writing poetry and participating in a correspondence writing course.

The course provided Howard with experience of the various disciplines of writing, choosing novel writing as his forte, beginning with short stories to hone is writing ability. Extending his confidence Howard remembered a real life encounter with a tramp in a London bar and decided this encounter would provide the basis for his first novel Doris.

In order to write a comprehensive account of his story, Howard researched the events and places as described in his historic fiction novel to ensure it was lifelike and realistic. He has also adopted the historic fiction genre, and his love for research, for his second book, Across the Parallel, to be launched at the Lincolnshire Authors Christmas Book Fair on 28 November 2021.

Howard writes under the pseudonym H.O.WARD, a play on his name and an idea taken from a 1980’s television advertisement. He still lives in Grimsby, and is a keen supporter and participant, enjoying the friendship and encouragement of the local poetry and writing groups.

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Across The Parallel by H.O.Ward

Carolyn Doyley


H.O.WARD is an author who conjures a strong sense of place and character, a master of research, which he weaves into the narrative with ease. This is a lively read that draws you into Doris’ world and takes you through the ups and downs of her life.

Great book, accurately researched


Lan’s Books

I loved this book and enjoyed following Dorothy’s story. It made me laugh and cry, and for a book to touch me in this way shows the quality of the writing. The book has been well researched and the accurate factual background brought this piece of fiction to life. Looking forward to more stories from H-O-WARD!

An enjoyable read



This isn’t normally the genre I would read but during the past year I’ve been more open to other genres and H O Ward did not disappoint me. Ward manages to take you on an emotional rollercoaster while following the character of Doris and I can tell the time period has been thoroughly researched so you feel you are right beside her.

An impressive debut novel and will look forward to what the author does next.

If you are a Nadine Dorries fan give it a whirl you’ll be glad you did.

A delightful read!


Hayley, Lancashire

This is a first for me reading this genre of fiction, however I was not disappointed. The storyline had me hooked and wanting to know more about Dorothy’s story as each chapter ended. I was able to laugh, smile and cry in equal measure. H.O Ward has written a delightful first novel and I’m sure as he continues his adventure of writing he will provide with more gems of novels that will capture our attention.

Is there a book number 2?



From cover to cover – the book appealed … from the first paragraph I knew I was going to enjoy this story! Thoroughly enjoyed the way the story started with an appropriate modern twist of the homeless and how people can so easily be judged. Great ending, intrigued by Harry, inquisitive to know more about Christopher. Hope there is a sequel …

fantastic historical fiction novel

(Across The Parallel)

Natalie Haylee

This is a fantastic historical fiction novel. In the first parallel, you meet George, the Skipper, the bomber pilot . . . George experiences Déjà vu, believing he has experienced something already and that he has been somewhere before. The story flows really well moving across parallels from 1943 to 1645 and 500BC. I enjoyed following each character’s experience as you progress through the story.
If you like historical fiction with a twist that makes you think about life, then this is a must read. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the book; it definitely gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me!

what a thought-provoking and profound read

(Across The Parallel)


WOW! I have read ‘Across the Parallel’ – what a thought-provoking and profound read.
I really like the use of the parallels and the different characters. The main vein of the story following George and his crew, is really captivating and I was hooked from the first chapter.
It is clever how this main story envelopes the other parallels with William and Jiang. The reader is able to learn more about each character, with their own questioning and experiences of conscious and sub-conscious enlightenment. There are many thoughts and ideas buzzing around my mind; themes of meditation, past-present-future, but I like the comparison between time and seeing the stars, this I can understand!

the characterisation is superb

(Across The Parallel)


I love the RAF sections, the characterisation is superb, and I was immersed in the fast-flowing banter and the gelling of the crew. The dialogue is lively and really well done, it had me hooked right from the start. I get a strong sense of who they are and what drives them, George just oozes the wisdom of his life, and the final parallel is fab.