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Dee Horne

Author Dee Horne

Dee Horne was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex in 1965, and has lived in Lincolnshire, with her husband and two daughters, since 2000.

Dee and her husband, Rod, had a B&B business in Skegness before returning to Lincoln at the beginning of the first British Lockdown in 2020. This was when she finally had the time and opportunity to complete her first book of fiction, Knights of Temple Bruer. Shania and the Boy of Gold, Tales of the Original Story, Knights of Temple Bruer, was finished in early 2021.

While raising her own children, Dee Horne was a Teaching Assistant. Her passion was inspiring children to develop a love of writing, along with a desire to explore their own imagination and develop individual creativity. She believes writing can be a therapeutic remedy to personal stress and everyday worries, and found writing poetry throughout her own life, a healing companion. A poem she wrote during the time her mother was suffering from dementia, was later widely shared on social media and discussed, on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Dee enjoys living in Lincolnshire and visiting local areas of interest. She says, “It is such fun imagining all the characters who once inhabited these wonderful places, while making up events that … might have happened! Often the reality is quite dark and cruel – a little like my own stories sometimes! However, because my tales aren’t true, I can be naughty; permitting them to contain slightly more justice, humour and fun. After all, writing has become my guilty pleasure!

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A gripping novel with lots of historical and religious information and plenty of action


I enjoyed this novel. There is a wealth of historical and religious information which fits neatly into the action without overwhelming the reader. The characters are well drawn and there is a good pace to the way the story unfolds to its exciting conclusion. I’d like to thank the author for a very enjoyable read and I hope that there is another novel forthcoming before too long.



Fantastic storyline. Compelling reading. Should be made into a film.