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Cate Cullington

Cate Cullington Author

Cate Cullington is the author behind ‘The Stones’ – a debut novel with a wide reach will appeal particularly to readers who like their crime laced with tense family drama and a chilling mystery to solve. Her book tells the story from the perspective of Teresa who is part of the growing ‘sandwich generation’, tasked with looking after her elderly mother whilst also being responsible for her own young child. It follows Teresa’s physical and emotional struggles as she tries to be a good daughter, mother and sister. Will she ever have time for her own life and loves?

Cate is also part of the sandwich generation and she uses her writing to escape from the pressures of her working life in the NHS and the many caring roles she takes on within her own family. Teresa is such a believable character because we all know somebody just like her who is multitasking and working hard to keep everyone else safe – but what happens when something goes wrong and she drops one of the balls that she has been juggling?

Coming from a large family herself, Cate has been able to present the family dynamic in ‘The Stones’ so effectively that the reader feels a real connection to them from the first page. Like all families, there is light and shade, happiness and tragedy, the strong and the weak, and there are family ties that become so stretched that they are weakened – but will they break?

When Cate is not at work, writing or looking after her own family, she can be found walking the dog, playing golf, catching up with her friends or baking and just occasionally she can be found escaping from her own hectic schedule by immersing herself in a very old film for a couple of hours.

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The Stones by Cate Cullington

A proper thriller

Gavin John Harley

A thrilling read with great detail and many twists, a credit to the author, compelling and easy to read, I would recommend this book to family an friends.

The Stones - Review


A great story that felt like it came straight from the police crime files!

Gripping and exciting

Amazon Customer

Fantastic! A real page turning thriller

The Stones - Review


Issues such as relationships and mental health play an important role in this book. I found this to be a great read full of mystery, crime and family drama


Amazon Customer

Brilliant mystery with a healthy dose of family dynamics; three-dimensional characters, well set up plot. Very much enjoyed reading this and the cover is absolutely beautiful!

The Stones - Review


The Stones is a modern day thriller you won’t be able to put down. Unexpected twists, tension and raw emotion is what will be brought to you upon reading this book!

Great Read


Very easy to read and I didn’t want to put it down once I started. I thought I knew in which direction the plot was going from early on, but I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. I would definitely recommend this, I thoroughly enjoyed it.