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Amanda Pearson

Amanda Pearson

Amanda PearsonAmanda Pearson. Although her maiden name originated in Devon, and her Mother’s before it in Scotland, Amanda is local through and through. Born in May 1963, in a hospital situated in a small but busy market town, which perches on the edge of the rich farmland of the South Lincolnshire Fens.

She grew up in that same town, and many of life’s major milestones were celebrated there, going to school, finding her first job, getting married and having children. Amanda and her family were happy in their small-town-life routine, and may well have still been there had fate not taken a hand. In 2008 town life was left behind, and a new phase begun in a 19th Century farmhouse, with sheep, cows and wildlife for neighbours.

Despite being quite a culture shock, the transplant from town to country was an overwhelming success. Thirteen years and two grandchildren later, Amanda has put down firm roots in the flat Fenland fields, and cannot imagine calling anywhere else home.

Her writing is inspired by both love of her surroundings, and her determination to appreciate what she does have, rather than worrying about what she does not. Amanda hopes she can pass some of that life philosophy, along with her enthusiasm for her surroundings, on to those who read her work.

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